Budget First

Budget First is a free, open source budget application with a focus on privacy


Budget First is intended to be a budgeting application for a personal budget. It builds upon well established budgeting concepts such as envelope and zero-sum budgeting. We want to place privacy and options first, allowing you to adjust the behaviour and budgeting timeframe for your needs. Cloud and (possibly) network synchronisation will be entirely optional.

The project was founded by @urbanhusky after he was scared by the discontinuation of a budgeting software he relied on. The successor to that application was designed as a cloud/saas application, which did not meet his high requirements in privacy and availability. This project was founded to give the part of the community, that relied on standalone applications and control over their data, a way to continue their budget.

View the original post that caused this project to be born.

Project state

We're currently in the process of collecting requirements and debating technical questions, such as choice of frameworks, synchronisation mechanism etc.

Authors and Contributors

We're currently looking for contributors and are in the progress of setting up the necessary communication infrastructure. Project founder: @urbanhusky


We're discussing requirements, project team and bouncing off various ideas on each other in our google group. We also have a twitter account.